Sixteen Acres Civic Association, Inc. By-Laws

Article I - Name and Purpose

Section 1: The association shall be known by the name of SIXTEEN ACRES CIVIC ASSOCIATION, INC. (hereinafter the "Association").

Section 2: It shall have a corporate seal bearing the name of the Association, and such other device or inscription as the Board of Directors may determine.

Section 3: The purpose of the Association is to serve, in the best interests of the residents, as a liaison between the Community of Sixteen Acres and city government or other bodies. The Association will, through various committees, work with the Community to implement projects to maintain and improve conditions in Sixteen Acres.

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(Adopted May 1976, revised April 1982, December 1984, April 1987, October 1988, October 1989, July 1996, December 2001, June 2003, May 2007, June 2011, May 2012 and March 2016)

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